Treatment of brown spots and skin pigmentation

This fall season, MédIME is proud to offer you different treatment options for brown spots and skin hyperpigmentation on face, décolleté and hands. The best treatment option for you depends on your type brown spots, their location on the body and their severity.

MédIME treatment plans for brown spots and skin pigmentation

MédIME medical peels

To address dull skin complexion as well as brown spots left behind after the warm season, Vivierpeels and Intraceutical HA infusion treatments are best suited to restore your skin in a progressive and gentle manner. This relaxing 45 minutes long treatment is fast acting and requires no recovery time.

For more information visit: Intraceuticals

MédIME Laser Treatments

Three different laser technologies are being offered for brown spots and pigmentation. The best option is based on your native skin color and type of pigmentary problem.

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  • Photorejuvenation IPL M22, this technology is our preferred choice to address skin color evenness and get rid of sunspots. This treatment plan requires an average of 2 to 3 treatments over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Sun spots become slightly darker following the treatment and gently fade away afterward.
  • The new nano/picosecond Enlighten laser technology is the most powerful to get rid of deep and stubborn pigmented lesions. This same technology is also used to get rid of tattoos. This treatment plan requires an average of 2 sessions over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. All skin types including brown and black skin can be treated safely and effectively with this laser.
  • Last but not least, our fractional erbium laser is used as a 2-in-1 option to address both skin color and texture. This treatment alone provides complete skin rejuvenation. Patients with brown spots and scars caused by acne can also greatly benefit from this treatment. It is also the treatment of choice for pigment issues in black and brown skin.


Note:  At MédIME, all pigmented lesions are assessed by Dr Jean-François Tremblay dermatologist prior to treatment to identify abnormal or suspicious lesions prior to starting a treatment plan.

Best product for brown spots and skin pigmentation

Vanessa’s pick : SkinTX Clarité 4skin-tx-clarite-4

This product made of hydroquinone 4% is very effective to quickly lighten brown spots. It can be used on all skin types without exception. This night treatment requires a sunscreen to protect the skin during the day.


For more information on the treatment of sunspots and pigmentation, please contact us at 514-739-7444 or fill up the form for a free personalized professional evaluation.

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