The lips – How to correct their small flaws

It is nowadays possible to subtly reshape the lips while keeping them natural and subtly erase the signs of aging. Sausage lips are a thing of the past. There are many lip correction techniques which can be used individually or in combination depending on the problems encountered.

For more plumped lips: the procedure includes injection of hyaluronic acid injected in specific and well targeted areas to define the lips without changing their shape.

Hem lip contour: hyaluronic acid is precisely injected along the edge of the red lip without forgetting Cupid’s bow along its contour. The lips are slightly raised and redesigned as well.

Reduce wrinkles around the lips:

– Injection of hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkles, but also in the thickness of the lip to restore the volume (the subtle volume obtained reduces out wrinkles on the surface). It is very important to choose a very thin hyaluronic acid texture in order to limit and avoid duck lips.

– Fractional CO2 Laser Sessions: 3 sessions spaced 2 to 3 weeks are required. The laser parameters will be adapted to the severity of wrinkles. The CO2 laser is very effective in treating solar elastosis that often takes place on the upper lip contour, on the white lip.

– Botulinum toxin injection: to smooth wrinkles formed by repeated muscle contractions of the lips, for example in smokers.

Treating marionette lines: one proceeds by hyaluronic acid injections to reduce the appearance of droopy mouth corners which are the result of the loss of the corners of the red lip that goes inward with time.

Correct the gummy smile: It is treated with botulinum toxin injection in the upper lip just below the nostrils. The effect appears after a few days and lasts 4 to 5 months,

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