Signature MédIME treatments for treating cellulite, toning the skin and remodeling the body.  

Just in time for the summer, MédIME unveils its secrets for treating cellulite, toning the skin and remodeling the body.

Treating cellulite

Cellulite, also known as dimpling, is a widespread condition. A primarily feminine condition, it touches 80% of women at some point in their life. Men suffering from cellulite are much rarer, with only 2%.

Hormonal changes are partially to blame for the development of cellulite, as well as poor lymphatic circulation. We can describe cellulite as a combination of deposits of fat, liquids, and waste unevenly distributed in the subcutaneous layers and exerting a pressure on the underlying connective tissues giving the appearance of orange skin.

Due to the unsightly appearance of the condition, it is not surprising that many women are ready to go to any length to deal with cellulite once and for all. There might not be a miracle solution, but MédIME has developed unique protocols for the treatment of cellulite that can significantly reduce the appearance of dimpling depending on the type of cellulite and its severity. Many technologies can be combined to obtain the most optimal results possible.

Toning the Skin

Collagen and elastin fibers are responsible for the firmness of skin and its smooth youthful appearance.  Unfortunately, with time, collagen degrades gradually and therefore provokes a cutaneous loosening. One of the first areas where we observe this loosening is the thighs and the upper knees.

Other factors such as pregnancy, an important loss or gain of weight can also cause a loosening of the skin of the stomach, buttocks, thighs, or arms areas.

It is possible to treat light to moderate loosening with non-surgical methods, such as radio frequency technology. The radio frequency activates the creation of new collagen by stimulating the fibroblastic cells. The results are therefore very interesting for the long term.

Remodeling the Body

Remodeling our body, regaining a flat stomach, losing love handles that are resistant to healthy eating and an active lifestyle is possible without undergoing surgery. Performant non-invasive medical technologies, such as focused ultrasound, that allow the elimination of localized adipose cells by targeting and selectively breaking their membranes. The contents of the cells are then evacuated safely by natural body processes.

Dr Tremblay, from his vast experience in body treatments, has developed treatment protocols to visibly improve the aspect of your body.

Whether it is cellulite, superficial or deep skin toning, and slimming, these protocols have been elaborated and are clinically proven for treating the most frequent and widespread corporal conditions. They are exclusive MédIME protocols, combinations of treatments that have proven results and that will enable you to achieve the best outcome for your beauty goals.


Many treatment packages for the body are available. For more details about these signature MédIME treatments, book a meeting with one of our esthetics consultants for a free evaluation at 514 739-7444 or by compliting the online form.

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