New – VivierSkin Medical Facial Peel

The new VivierSkin Medical Facial Treatment offered at MédIME is a gentle peel that requires no recovery time unlike traditional peels. It provides almost instant improvement of skin radiance and glow as well as making skin feels smoother and firmer.   It is best indicated to give your skin a boost before a special event or to refresh your skin every season.

The benefits

The VivierSkin Medical Peel is recommended  for treating and preventing signs of skin aging  (wrinkles, lines and pigment spots) as well as improving dull and acne prone skin complexion. Use in series, VivierSkin Peels provide in depth long-lasting benefits.

The ingredients

The main active medical grade ingredients found in this peel include:

  • Lactic acid (AHA) which promotes cell renewal and improves texture and pigmentation.
  • Salicylic acid (BHA) which gently exfoliates the skin while also diminishing inflammation, comedones and skin pore size in oily or acne prone patients
  • Resorcinol: regulates melanin production and promotes collagen production
  • Peptides: key ingredient for tissue repair and anti-ageing benefits.

The VivierSkin Medical facial can be used on face, neck, décolleté, hand and back. For long term benefits and best results, a cure of 3 treatments is recommended. For a special evening or event, this treatment provides the instant glow and smooth skin that you need.

MédIME is now offering 2 types of Medical facial

  • The VivierSkin Brilliance facial is offered for 150$
  • The VivierSkin Brilliance Platinum facial is offered for 225$.


To learn more about the VivierSkin Medical facial and find out about our launch promotion, please contact us at 514-739-7444

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