Podiatry and foot care

Podiatry and foot care

Foot Care

Treat corns and calluses, deformed or ingrown toenails, dry, cracked skin and sports injuries involving the foot.



According to ancient Chinese medicine each reflex zone corresponds to an organ, a gland or a part of the body that is then projected to the sole of the foot. Touching the foot in a specific manner locates and dissipates tensions. Reflexology involves a 90-minute foot massage given by a podiatrist in the peace and quiet of a private room. This incredibly relaxing technique activates blood circulation in the feet and alleviates the day’s stress.


Posture evaluation

For all pathologies involving the muscular– skeletal structure; from hernias to aching hips, knees and back in general, the postural system, which helps us maintain our balance, can be affected.
This system is automatically kept in check by information provided by our feet, eyes, skin and mastication system, and can be disrupted which results in postural imbalances.
An evaluation can help determine the causes, as well as the treatments that can be used in parallel with other therapies.


Rates – Podiatry and foot care




30 min 60 min 90 min
Foot care 50$ 85$
Reflexology 100$ 120$
Postare evaluation 50$ 100$  –

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Consultation – Podiatry

For a free evaluation with one of our specialized technicians, complete the form or contact us at (514) 739-7444


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