The MedIME Gift Card – This Holiday, offer the MédIME experience

Choosing the perfect gift for loved ones can be a complex activity. Ultimately, we would like to find a personalized gift that matches the personality, needs and desires of each person. It is in this perspective that we often turns to gift cards leaving the choice to the recipient. The only thing is that gift cards are often perceived as a last minute gift we offer when we do not know precisely what to offer. Not anymore! We can now offer a gift card that is completely customizable and fully adapted to the needs and desires of our loved ones. The MédIME gift card!

What is it exactly?

The MédIME gift card is not like any other card. It allows offering the perfect gift, a personalized, à la carte, gift for all tastes and above all, for all needs. The MédIME gift card allows you to set the amount you want and is rechargeable thereafter. What is interesting with THE MédIME gift card is that when you offer it to someone, it automatically comes with a free evaluation by one of our experienced aesthetic consultants who will build a skin care regimen, a treatment plan based on a detailed analysis of the specific needs of each person.

How does it work?

When you give a MédIME gift card, you load it with the value you want to offer. The person who receives it makes an appointment for a free and personalized skin assessment with one of our experts in aesthetics. During the evaluation and according to the request of the patient, we will discuss specific aspects assessing the various possible interventions. The skin will be examined to determine the type, conditions and needs. We may, for example address the issue of skin care products and provide a complete and accurate protocol for skin care after careful examination of the skin. Also, if the patient wishes, an analysis of needs for filler injections and Botox will be made and a detailed treatment plan will be given to the patient who will know exactly what she needs according to what she wants to treat. She will then be able to prioritize certain treatments and receive other at upcoming appointments. The steps will be clearly indicated. It is easier to predict and to budget when you know the steps, cost and lifespan of the different interventions.

Custom MédIME gift cards are now available for the holiday season.

PROMOTION: Until December 23rd, when you purchase a MedIME gift card for your loved ones, you have the chance to win a MEDIME Gift Card of the same value.


For more information or to buy MédIME gift cards, visit us at MédIME, institut de médecine esthétique located at tha Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal, 6100 du Boisé, office 114, Montréal, Québec, H3S 2W1 or call us at 514-739-7444

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