Electone: a new generation of EMS

Electone is a treatment that uses a new generation of EMS (Electromechanical Muscle Stimulation) technology. Plates are placed on specific areas of the body and send deep pulses to the muscles, causing contractions that simulate muscle movements. The device varies the speed and strength of the stimulation every minute and follows a specific program according to the pre-set objectives. The treatment lasts an average of 45 minutes per area treated.

There are 3 types of treatments

Drain: being the first level of intensity it is recommended to reduce water retention or as a first treatment to start gently for people who do not train regularly

Tone: the second level of intensity, this one is designed for people who train occasionally or who have already done a treatment in the “drain” mode

Sculpt: the last level of intensity, this one is reserved for people who already train regularly and who already have a certain definition and muscle strength. It can also be chosen by patients who have already completed a treatment under the “Tone” mode.

Each session lasts an average of 45 minutes.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water during the entire treatment and limit physical activity the day before and the day of the treatment.


During the treatment, you will feel contractions in the targeted muscles in a more or less intense way depending on the program chosen. It is therefore normal to feel sore after a treatment and to experience effects similar to an intensive physical workout.

The results, like a regular workout, will be progressive depending on the frequency and duration of the treatment.

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating of certain parts of the body. The most common areas affected are the armpits, hands, feet, face, and head.

It is estimated that this problem affects up to 10% of the population. The majority of patients suffering from hyperhidrosis report that it affects their self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

What are the causes?

There are two types of Hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis is the most common. It is caused by an imbalance in the control of the sweat glands by the nervous system. Secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by certain medications or medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid gland disorders, etc.

How can it be treated?

The first step is to test more concentrated antiperspirants. If there are aggravating medical factors, these must also be treated.

Treatment with Botox microinjections is an interesting and effective option for cases that do not respond to antiperspirants. This treatment is approved by Health Canada for patients 16 years of age and older. Most private insurance companies cover the cost of this treatment.

What results can I expect from Botox therapy for hyperhidrosis?

Most patients experience an 80% or greater reduction in sweating. Results develop over a period of 4 to 10 days. The average duration of the benefit is 6 to 8 months. Over time, many patients experience an increase in the duration of benefits. Some patients even manage to get rid of it eventually.

Just in time for the summer, MédIME unveils its secrets for treating cellulite, toning the skin and remodeling the body.

Treating cellulite

Cellulite, also known as dimpling, is a widespread condition. A primarily feminine condition, it touches 80% of women at some point in their life. Men suffering from cellulite are much rarer, with only 2%.

Hormonal changes are partially to blame for the development of cellulite, as well as poor lymphatic circulation. We can describe cellulite as a combination of deposits of fat, liquids, and waste unevenly distributed in the subcutaneous layers and exerting a pressure on the underlying connective tissues giving the appearance of orange skin.

Due to the unsightly appearance of the condition, it is not surprising that many women are ready to go to any length to deal with cellulite once and for all. There might not be a miracle solution, but MédIME has developed unique protocols for the treatment of cellulite that can significantly reduce the appearance of dimpling depending on the type of cellulite and its severity. Many technologies can be combined to obtain the most optimal results possible.

Toning the Skin

Collagen and elastin fibers are responsible for the firmness of skin and its smooth youthful appearance.  Unfortunately, with time, collagen degrades gradually and therefore provokes a cutaneous loosening. One of the first areas where we observe this loosening is the thighs and the upper knees.

Other factors such as pregnancy, an important loss or gain of weight can also cause a loosening of the skin of the stomach, buttocks, thighs, or arms areas.

It is possible to treat light to moderate loosening with non-surgical methods, such as radio frequency technology. The radio frequency activates the creation of new collagen by stimulating the fibroblastic cells. The results are therefore very interesting for the long term.

Remodeling the Body

Remodeling our body, regaining a flat stomach, losing love handles that are resistant to healthy eating and an active lifestyle is possible without undergoing surgery. Performant non-invasive medical technologies, such as focused ultrasound, that allow the elimination of localized adipose cells by targeting and selectively breaking their membranes. The contents of the cells are then evacuated safely by natural body processes.

Dr Tremblay, from his vast experience in body treatments, has developed treatment protocols to visibly improve the aspect of your body.

Whether it is cellulite, superficial or deep skin toning, and slimming, these protocols have been elaborated and are clinically proven for treating the most frequent and widespread corporal conditions. They are exclusive MédIME protocols, combinations of treatments that have proven results and that will enable you to achieve the best outcome for your beauty goals.


Many treatment packages for the body are available. For more details about these signature MédIME treatments, book a meeting with one of our esthetics consultants for a free evaluation at 514 739-7444 or by compliting the online form.

Dr. Tremblay and the entire team at MédIME are proud to introduce a new member of their professional team. Eric Bourgeois is a therapeutic grade massage therapist specializing in deep tissue massage.

The deep tissue massage is an intense massage prized for its effectiveness in solving chronic musculoskeletal and structural imbalances.  This type of massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Using elbows, thumbs or fingertips, enough pressure is applied to reach the targeted tissues. This pressure is maintained until complete relaxation.

This technique is different from the conventional massage as it is practiced with little or no massage oil. Elongation, compressions and neuromuscular technique (trigger points) are the main techniques used during the treatment.  Because movements are very slow, the problematic area is prioritized during the session as well as the peripheral zone.

Beneficial for all, deep tissue massage is often recommended for people who suffer from chronic pain, people who participate in intense physical activities or have serious physical injuries. It is particularly useful for chronically contracted and tense areas including torticollis sore shoulders and lower back contractions. Finally, it also helps to relax and increase the level of energy and vitality.

[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote6″ align=”center” icon=”yes”]For a Limited Time, receive 15 minutes of massage for FREE with a 60 minutes massage or more.[/dt_sc_pullquote]

Book now for an evaluation of your condition and to start relieving your tensions, your latent or chronic pain. In addition, Eric has a didactic and pedagogical approach and advise you so you can get the positive effects of your massage session for a longer period of time.






Like promised, we are ready to reveal the second part of the 10 beauty commandments Dr. Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist, medical director of MédIME, Institut de Médecine Esthétique generously offers his recommendations to take good care of our skin, our bodies, and our health for our overall wellness. Here are his five last recommendations.

6 – To smoke, you will stop

In addition to all the health damage that is now well known to the public, if you really need another reason to quit smoking, know that smoking reduces cell oxygenation. The complexion becomes duller and grayish. Cigarette also destroys collagen and elastin which contributes to the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles. Facial skin is not the only concerned. Tobacco also causes sagginess of the arms and breasts at a younger age than in non-smoker. Finally, smoking can also be a factor in under eye dark circles.  Blood circulation under the eyes is very sensitive and a lack of oxygenation can promote and aggravate dark circles.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: Consult your doctor to discuss the best way for you to quit smoking. There are treatments that can make it easier and allow you to stop once and for all.


7 – Proactive, shall you be

Although the popular adage tells us that «Better late than never» it is still easier to treat conditions that have emerged recently than conditions that have been there for a longer period of time. For example, it is much easier to deal with a few recent and superficial age spots than treating spots that appeared 10-20 years ago. More treatments will be needed if we wait; longer we wait, higher the cost. It’s the same for wrinkles. A minimum amount of filler injection in usually needed for fine lines and superficial wrinkles. However, when the skin loses its volume and starts sagging, it takes a little more filler injection to bring the skin to a more youthful, refreshed and rested state.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: For a preventive treatment plan for your skin’s specific needs, I recommend that you make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our expert.


8 – Eating sugar, shall you reduce

Sugar, (composed of glucose and fructose) carbohydrates, (also present in starches) cause profound changes in the dermis. Sugars fix themselves around the fibers of collagen and elastin which modifies the properties of these proteins and prevents their renewal. The dermis loses elasticity and tonicity. This phenomenon is called glycation and is an important factor in skin aging.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: Changing diet and choosing more wisely in terms of nutrition can be hard at first. It is often helpful to consult experts in nutrition that will give you tips and advice to replace sugars by other healthier foods. Take appointment now for a personalized nutrition coaching with one of our nutrition experts.


9 – The right food, you will choose

Eating well is the first beauty step. Long before cosmetics, food we eat will inevitably reflect on our bodies, our well-being and of course, our skin. To keep our skin healthy and glowing, our body lean and strong and our hair silky and soft, it is important to make the right food choices. Food with a high content of vitamin A, vitamin C and essential fatty acids are great for keeping skin healthy.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: Vitamin A is absorbed by the lipids, it is liposoluble. It prevents skin cancer, promotes healing and helps the renewal of skin cells. It is found in all animal tissues as retinol and in plants in the form of provitamin A. Vitamin C is beneficial in the preventive treatment of aging skin. Mainly contained in vegetables and fruits, it is found in large quantities in spinach, cabbage, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tomatoes and peaches.


10 – Your dermatologist, you will visit

In the same way you consult your general practitioner when you have a health concern, you should do the same when it comes to the health of your skin and pay a visit to your dermatologist. We can take the opportunity to check moles or redness on your skin and to suggest the best medical aesthetic treatments to prevent and treat wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, rosacea, stretch marks, cellulite, acne scars and everything related to the health and beauty of our skin.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: Regular visits to a medical aesthetic clinic like MédIME can greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin.



To kick off the year, Dr. Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist, medical director of MédIME, Institut de Médecine Esthétique generously offers his recommendations to take good care of our skin, our bodies, and our health for our overall wellness. Here are his 10 beauty commandments.

1 – You shall clean your skin twice a day

This is the basic gesture of a healthy skin and yet many people skip this vital step. The skin, regardless of type, must be thoroughly cleaned morning and night to remove dirt and excess oil and minimize the risk of pimples, blackheads and inflammation. Cleaning also allows better absorption of ingredients in your creams, serums and anti-aging products.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: To maximize the effectiveness of your cleaning ritual, massage your cleanser in circular motion on wet skin and rinse with warm water. Also, choose a cleanser for your skin type for more efficiency.


2 – You shall not go a day without antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential to fight against free radicals which, when produced in large quantities, attack healthy skin cells. They thus degrade and die more rapidly, without being renewed as quickly as it should as a result, skin laxity wrinkles and dark spots appear. On a daily basis, we should consume sufficient quantities of food with antioxidant properties such as blueberries, green tea , raspberries and spinach to name only a few and enrich our skin care routine with products containing antioxidant ingredients such as vitamins A , C and E.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: For antioxidants to have a real impact on the skin, three criteria should be respected: the stability of antioxidants in the chemical formula of the products, the extent to which they are absorbed by the skin and the concentration required for effectiveness without causing irritation. To choose your antioxidant-enriched skincare products, book your appointment for a consultation, we will be happy to help you choose the right products for your skin.


3 – You shall protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun

The sun has multiple effects on the skin. Some of these effects are beneficial as the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin by the action of UVB rays. However, exposure of the face or back of the hands of a few minutes a day is enough to produce the required amount of vitamin D, which helps calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Beyond those few minutes of daily exposure, you are exposed to harmful effects on the health of the skin such as premature aging and skin cancers. Should apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) greater than 30 and apply every two hours, summer and winter.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: For sensitive, reactive or intolerant skin, choose physical sunscreen when buying your sunscreen. These filters form a barrier which reflects UV radiation but are not absorbed by the skin as are the chemical filters. Physical filters are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.


4 – You shall be physically active on a regular basis

Studies have shown that regular physical exercise slows skin aging and even helps to rejuvenate the skin. According to the study conducted by the University Mc Master, 65 years old volunteers followed a moderate exercise program two to three times weekly for three months. The results concluded a qualified benefit of “outstanding” with skin that has literally rejuvenated by several years. The specialists in particular explained the results by the production of bio-stimulants factors by muscle cells, positively affecting the entire body with an anti -aging effect on the skin.


5 – You shall treat yourself with relaxing massages

In the long-term, stress and anxiety affect the whole body and skin is no exception. When stress becomes chronic, it has biological implications and accelerates aging of the skin. Under the effect of stress, blood flows back to the vital organs to give them more energy and oxygen and the means to respond quickly to the situation that generates stress. The skin finds itself less well irrigated and less «fed» by blood cells. It becomes dull and regenerates less easily.

Tips from Dr Tremblay: A healthy lifestyle, including a regular practice of physical exercise, a daily time for relaxation, good sleep habits and a healthy diet can be effective against stress. Massages are an effective way to fight stress by reducing muscle tension. Regular massage sessions have the effect of reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. You should know that cortisol inhibits the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, which significantly reduces the skin’s ability to regenerate.


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