Lip injections are among the most common procedures performed in esthetic medicine.  They have experienced a huge jump in popularity over the last ten years and are now one of the most popular non-surgical procedures among 20–40-year-olds.  A source of obsession for some, an object of derision for others, lip injections leave no one indifferent. They give rise to a wide variety of opinions and are associated with many false beliefs. Let’s take a look at three common misconceptions:

(N.B. These photos are published for information only in order to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.)



MYTH 1 about Lip Injections – They are only used to increase volume

Lip injections have evolved a lot in recent years. While it is true that they were popularized by images of over-inflated, over-plumped mouths, their intention today is much more moderated. They can be used to make the lips fuller and more sensual, but also to redefine the contours of the mouth, to highlight the cupid’s bow, to correct asymmetry, or to reduce perioral wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid injections are also used to lift drooping corners of the lips and soften bitterness folds. The patient’s age, anatomy and wishes dictate the choice of technique, product and dosage.


MYTH 2 about Lip Injections – They are only intended for young customers

Nowadays patients of all ages resort to lip injections. While patients in their 20s and 30s typically express a desire to perfect the shape or volume of their mouths, older patients benefit from hyaluronic acid injections to restructure thin lips, redefine blurred contours, smooth fine lines and rehydrate skin that has a “wrinkled” appearance.  A few microcorrections, skillfully executed, can do wonders to restore youth and vitality. Once again, it’s a matter of choosing the right technique and the right agent to obtain a good result.


MYTH 2 about Lip Injections – They are inevitably noticed

Many women fear the frozen lifeboat or “duck look” effect. However, when performed with mastery and restraint, lip injections give natural and subtle results that are hardly noticeable. The goal is to beautify without deforming, to highlight without excess volume or exaggerated projection. To achieve this, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced injector and to communicate your expectations.



“At MédIME, we carefully evaluate each patient’s facial features and take the time to discuss the desired result. We choose the most appropriate filler in terms of texture and fluidity, then adapt the quantity and injection technique. We favor a gradual corrective approach that focuses on precision and respect for proportions.” – Dr Jean-François Tremblay


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The holiday season is approaching and with it comes the prospect of joyful reunions. After months of worries, distancing and masked interactions, we all want to bring our most beautiful self to the party!

To help you look your best during the festivities (and knowing that time is limited), we present a selection of expert treatments that offer visible results with minimal downtime.


1/ NEUROMODULATORS – To smooth out

Feel like the pandemic has left its mark on your face? You’re not alone. Many patients report that they have aged more rapidly over the past year and a half. Fortunately, wrinkles and negative expressions can be corrected with neuromodulators injections such as BotoxMD or NuceivaMD. When properly targeted and dosed, these injections can reduce forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet to give the face a refreshed, relaxed and rested appearance.


2/ DERMAL FILLERS – To improve contours

It is inevitable. Over time, the face sags, depressions form and contours lose definition. Injections of dermal fillers such as JuvédermMD, RestylaneMD or TéosyalMD can restore volume, enhance certain features and optimize the overall balance of the face. The valley of tears, cheekbones, temples, nasolabial folds, lips, chin and jawline are all areas that can be treated. Harmony and subtlety are the watchwords for successful results.


3/ PERMÉAMD – To refresh

A clear, luminous complexion is a happy complexion! To regain a glow quickly, we suggest Permea MD, a non-ablative fractional laser that acts on the subcutaneous tissues to deeply and gently regenerate the skin. The benefits are remarkable: improvement of skin elasticity and texture, reduction of imperfections, uniformity of complexion. The treatment requires no anesthetic cream, can be done in any season and is suitable for all skin types.



Does your skin lack vitality? Does it look dehydrated, dull and tired? Make way for V2 Injector Redensity 1 Beauty Booster, a revolutionary injection process that delivers a mixture of hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients deep into the dermis. The formulation activates the natural mechanisms of cellular repair and stimulates collagen production to redensify and plump the skin in an observable way. An interesting solution for the face as well as for the neck and chest.


5/ MICRONEEDLING RF – To tighten

A better “me”? It’s possible thanks to microneedling RF. The treatment consists of penetrating very fine needles into the dermis while simultaneously transmitting a radiofrequency current. This powerful synergy stimulates collagen and elastin to allow the regeneration and re-tensioning of the tissues. The skin texture is tightened, the complexion is unified, and the face appears toned and reshaped. The results are seen after the first appointment, but three sessions are recommended for an optimal effect.

Each patient and each problem has its own solution! At MédIME, we can guide you toward the technology or the combination of treatments best suited to your skin and your needs. Our expertise guarantees safe execution and controlled results. You’ve deserved it… this holiday season, treat yourself and put yourself on the very top of your list


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Seasonal weather changes in Canada are notoriously challenging for our skin. Surviving the transition between summer and fall requires wardrobe changes and so it goes with the way we “dress up” our skin. Doctor Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist, explains in this newsletter why moisturizers are so important in maintaining your skin’s health and beauty.

Why moisturize your skin?

Reason #1: To Maintain good-looking skin

Dehydrated skin invariably has dull-colored complexion as well as becoming rough in texture. Dry skin also tends to look older and more wrinkled than it actually is. The best choice of moisturizer for your skin depends on your skin type. For dry skin individuals, a richer formulation containing ceramides and waterproofing molecules should be considered. For oily skin or acne-prone individuals, oil-free gels or fluids with matifying components are preferred.


Reason # 2 to moisturize your skin : To maintain healthy skin

Several skin medical conditions can be adversely affected by dehydration. Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne are four common examples. Eczema and rosacea almost invariably flare up due to skin dryness and restoring normal skin moisture is an essential part of the treatment. Several acne patients have a tendency to “overdry” their skin using harsh cleansers and drying medicated products. This behavior results in more inflammation and a higher risk of staining and scarring of the skin. Maintaining normal skin hydratation in acne has been shown to improve response to medications including topical vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide and Accutane.


Reason # 3 to moisturize your skin : To prevent skin aging

Several scientific studies have shown that chronic skin dryness promotes premature aging and wrinkling. Under dry conditions, dermal collagen production and repair is diminished or shut down. The use of moisturizers containing ceramides, hyaluronic acid and peptides have been to stimulate dermal collagen production and restore youthful skin.


Reason # 4 to moisturize your skin : To improve the efficacy of laser treatments and therapeutic topical skin care products.

Recovery time and results after laser treatment are significantly improved with optimal skin hydration. For instance, fading of brown spots after IPL photorejuvenation can be twice faster using a moisturizer containing water-binding molecule such as glycolic acid. Active ingredients found in therapeutic creams such as vitamin A and C, growth factors and peptides penetrate more readily in well hydrated skin. In very dry and flaky skin, the use of an exfoliating moisturizer can also improve water and active ingredient absorption.


Best products to moisturize your skin

Here are MédIME staff best product recommendation

Micheline’s pick: SkinMedica HA5ha5_pump_front

This super silky fluid lotion contains 5 hyaluronic acid molecules that moisturize, soothe and reduce fine lines instantly. In addition, HA5 restores the natural protective barrier of the skin making it more resistant to extreme temperatures. His long-lasting action locks in moisture for 8 hours.


Marie-Johanne’s pick: VivierSkin Ultra Hydrating Maskmasque-ultra-hydratant-vivier

The VivierSkin Ultra Hydrating Mask is perfect to moisturize and protect dry skin. Its creamy texture is a real moisturizing bath that quenches the skin and brings comfort and suppleness. Rich extracts of shea butter, vitamin E, sweet almond and pumpkin seed leave the skin smooth, firm and reveal its radiance. During cold weather, the mask can be used as a day and night cream for a feeling of extreme comfort. Winter is just around the corner, make sure to get this mask to prevent dryness and dehydration.

Dr Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist and MédIME introduced in January 2016 Belkyra as a new treatment to reduce neck fat and rejuvenate the jawline and neck contour.

The Belkyra treatment consists in injecting micro droplets of the medication under the skin that results in natural, progressive and permanent reduction of sub-cutaneous. Belkyra is indicated for the treatment of the “double-chin” resulting in the improvement of neck and lower face definition.

To learn more about Belkyra, please read our Belkyra webpage or call for a free cosmetic evaluation with our team: 514-739-7444

According to the report commissioned by Galderma Canada on the art of attracting kisses, 1000 Canadian respondents confessed having very high expectations when it comes to kissing. Indeed, one in five Canadian has already ended a relationship after a disappointing kiss. The perfect kiss for a Quebecois is soft, long, with eyes closed and mouth open. 1 in 5 women would like to change their lips if to make them more desirable for kissing. They want softer, plumper, more symmetrical and smoother lips. The gold standards defining attractive, beautiful lips are:

  1. a pronounced Cupid bow
  2. a defined outer contour
  3. fleshy lip center and opened lips corners
  4. symmetry in both sides
  5. balanced upper and lower lips

EMERVEL LIPS – For ideal lips

For fuller, more symmetrical, better defined lips and lip contour.

Emervel lips is a safe and non-invasive hyaluronic acid based dermal filler agent that meets the concerns of men and women for lip restoration and to enhance the appearance of the lips.

Emervel lips gently and subtly enhances lip volume and redefines their contours for smooth, fuller and natural looking lips.

”EMERVEL LIPS has all the attributes that a dermal filler agent for the lips should have. The product offers volume, structure and a beautiful definition that is very soft and natural. Patients are always thrilled with the results and say they have none or little swelling and almost no discomfort after the treatment”. -Dr Jean-Francois Tremblay, MD, CM, FRCPC, Dermatologist and medical director at MédIME.

Try the test to evaluate the appearance of your lips at:  http//    (Test provided by GALDERMA inc.)

Treatments of Emervel lips are available at MédIME; contact us to book an appointment for a free evaluation with one of our professional technicians.


During this period of the year, we receive several patients a week for consultation regarding the miserable appearance of their skin due to our wintry climate. Dull skin tone, irregular skin colour and texture as well as wrinkles are recurrent issues that we discuss and treat.

In this context, we are glad to introduce this month the new LaserPeel MédIME for improved skin texture and glow.

This signature LaserPeel MédIME treatment combines the Erbium laser technology with hyaluronic acid and growth factors for rapid and durable results.

For more information on LaserPeel MédIME visit the page : LaserPeel MedIME

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It is nowadays possible to subtly reshape the lips while keeping them natural and subtly erase the signs of aging. Sausage lips are a thing of the past. There are many lip correction techniques which can be used individually or in combination depending on the problems encountered.

For more plumped lips: the procedure includes injection of hyaluronic acid injected in specific and well targeted areas to define the lips without changing their shape.

Hem lip contour: hyaluronic acid is precisely injected along the edge of the red lip without forgetting Cupid’s bow along its contour. The lips are slightly raised and redesigned as well.

Reduce wrinkles around the lips:

– Injection of hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkles, but also in the thickness of the lip to restore the volume (the subtle volume obtained reduces out wrinkles on the surface). It is very important to choose a very thin hyaluronic acid texture in order to limit and avoid duck lips.

– Fractional CO2 Laser Sessions: 3 sessions spaced 2 to 3 weeks are required. The laser parameters will be adapted to the severity of wrinkles. The CO2 laser is very effective in treating solar elastosis that often takes place on the upper lip contour, on the white lip.

– Botulinum toxin injection: to smooth wrinkles formed by repeated muscle contractions of the lips, for example in smokers.

Treating marionette lines: one proceeds by hyaluronic acid injections to reduce the appearance of droopy mouth corners which are the result of the loss of the corners of the red lip that goes inward with time.

Correct the gummy smile: It is treated with botulinum toxin injection in the upper lip just below the nostrils. The effect appears after a few days and lasts 4 to 5 months,

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According to the Grace in Aging survey ordered by Galderma Canada, which produces the new range of Emervel fillers, among Canadian women aged 35-65 years, half of Quebecers (52%) are worried or somewhat worried about the signs of facial aging. Their main concerns are sagging skin (44%) and deep wrinkle (38%). The women surveyed said they would like to look 11 years younger. 20 % of them consider dermal fillers to compensate for the aging skin problem.


EMERVEL, a solution against wrinkles and skin aging

EMERVEL is a safe, non-invasive hyaluronic acid based dermal filler that addresses the concerns of women and men and allows them to maintain a young looking skin for a long time.

Produced by Galderma, the same company that is also the producer of Restylane, the most studied dermal filler worldwide, the EMERVEL range is specifically designed to adapt to different areas of the face and the depth of the wrinkle to treat. This particular feature allows injectors to choose the texture that is best for a personalized corrective treatment. EMERVEL has the particularity to integrate more easily to skin tissues while ensuring optimal correction and a natural result.


The different products of the EMERVEL range

Selon la personne, l’épaisseur de la peau, la zone d’injection, le niveau de correction souhaitable et souhaitée et le résultat désiré, la gamme EMERVEL a le produit d’agent de comblement parfait. Depending on the person, the skin thickness, the area of injection, the desired level of correction, and the desired result, the EMERVEL product range has the perfect filler.

EMERVEL Classic is designed for the treatment of moderate wrinkles and fine lines like the nasolabial folds.

EMERVEL Deep offers a solution for treating deep wrinkles and to fill the volumetric losses in the dermis. It is ideal for the treatment of deeper wrinkles of the nasolabial folds and bitterness wrinkles around the mouth also known as the corners of the mouth.

EMERVEL Volume is the solution to enhance and restore the lost skin volume, particularly at the cheekbones, chin and jaw angle. EMERVEL Volume restores and maintains the skin structure by giving it a smoother, younger, more defined appearance.

EMERVEL Lips delicately and subtly enhances lip volume and redefines their contours for smooth, natural looking lips.


What to expect after an EMERVEL treatment?

After a treatment, it is normal to have redness, swelling, bruising or tenderness at the treatment site. These usually disappear after a few days. After treatment, it is sometimes necessary to perform a few touch-ups for optimal results.

You also can regain a younger looking skin.

EMERVEL hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers are available at MédIME, book now for a free consultation.



The double chin is a problem that bothers many patients. This is actually one of the most prone to complex patients indications in young and old, thin and less thin.

A survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery suggests that nearly two thirds of people are concerned about excess fat on the double chin.

We interviewed Dr. Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist, director of the Institute of MédIME , Institut de Médecine Esthétique located at the Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal on the various options available to get rid of that unsightly fat mass.


The double chin is a problem Question #1: What are the causes of the double chin?

Dr Tremblay: The double chin is the result of two phenomena: an accumulation of fat under the jaw and sagging skin due to aging of the skin. The double chin may be hereditary which explains its appearance in people who have a healthy weight.


The double chin is a problem Question #2: Are they several options to treat double chin?

Dr Tremblay: There are various effective procedures to treat double chin. Laser techniques, liposuction and very soon, a new procedure consisting in an injection to eliminate fat cells will be offered. The proper procedure will be chosen in function of the expectations of each individual but also according to the severity of the condition and the level of involvement, discipline, time to spend for appointments and for convalescence. The best way to proceed is to make an appointment for a personal consultation.


The double chin is a problem Question #3: Can you talk about the laser procedure to treat double chin?

Dr Tremblay: Of course. The most commonly used laser technique is the Venus Freeze (MP) that combines two patented magnetic and radiofrequency pulses. Magnetic pulses induce the release of growth factors necessary for the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts. The radio frequency induces the synthesis of collagen and elastin by causing a controlled thermal heating which triggers self-repair of skin tissue. This combination activates lipolysis and leads to loss of subcutaneous fat resulting in reducing fat deposits. Several sessions are required to obtain a satisfactory result.


The double chin is a problem Question #4: Liposuction is indicated for more severe cases, can you explain what that is?

Dr Tremblay: Liposuction is the only permanent solution now available to reduce the fat area of ​​the double chin. For patients who want full correction, liposuction proves to be an interesting choice. This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about 2 hours. A tiny incision is made under the chin to enable the insertion of the cannula, the tube through which the fat is suctioned. Then stitches are done to close the incision. Patients are asked to wear a surgical sheath during one week to assist in tissues repair and accelerate healing.


The double chin is a problem Question #5: A new double chin reduction procedure will be available at MédIME  very soon, can you tell us what it is?

Dr Tremblay: The new procedure is actually a non-surgical treatment to improve the appearance and the double chin profile. BELKYRA was recently launched in the US under the brand name KYBELLA and consists of a deoxycholic acid injection for patients who are seeking a non-surgical solution to improve the appearance of double chin. This procedure will be launched in Montreal at MédIME in late 2015 or early 2016. Follow us for the announcement and for details about this new procedure to treat double chin.


Treatments for double chin are now available at MédIME.

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A tired, sad and dull gaze significantly ages the overall appearance of a face

Unfortunately, one of the first visible signs of aging is a heavier upper eyelids caused by loss of volume at the eyebrow arch giving the eye a heavy look as the skin covering the bone of the eyebrow falls a bit like a curtain sometimes even to the point where it covers a portion of the upper eyelid .

We might immediately think that the solution to deal with such an indication would be surgery. However, it is not always necessary to resort to surgery.  When the ptosis is light, a simpler, faster and less invasive technique proves to be more interesting to open the eye and give a more rested look.

 A lift eyelids without surgery with Botox injection. A lift eyelids without surgery with Botox injection.

A lift eyelids without surgery – The Botox injection.

Thanks to Botox it is possible to raise droopy eyelid and low eyebrows by slightly relaxing depressants muscles. No surgery, no social withdrawal, no recovery time and no exorbitant fees are bonuses to this simple yet very technical procedure. In addition, Botox injection can be very natural, with the aim of opening the eyes without changing the shape of the eyes and eyebrows.


For a youthful, bright, radiant and rested look!

To be able to inject Botox in a proper way, one must not only have a thorough knowledge of facial muscles and their motor functions but also an artistic side that needs to be highly developed. The choice of the doctor who will be responsible to perform this procedure for you is therefore a very important step for satisfactory results. Dr. Tremblay has over 15 years of experience and has developed a renowned expertise through its clinical practice and research in the fields of rejuvenating injections, skin rejuvenation, laser, surgery of the face and liposuction. Though regularly asked to present lectures in scientific congresses on the national and international scene, his first passion remains aesthetic clinical practice and patients.


You can also regain a youthful, bright, radiant and rested look.

Eyelids lift treatments are available at MédIME,  make an appointment now for an assessment of your condition.