Dear loyal patients, colleagues and friends,

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Dermapure, a Canadian leader in aesthetic medicine.

This collaboration will allow us to offer you a wide range of state-of-the-art care and services while maintaining the philosophy, values and personalized approach to which you are accustomed.

To mark this important shift, we recently renovated and expanded our clinic. We look forward to welcoming you at your next appointment in our our new, more modern, spacious and welcoming premises under the Dermapure Outremont banner.


Dr. Jean-François Tremblay.

A sneak preview of our new facilities!

We are also proud to celebrate the nomination of Dr. Jean-François Tremblay as National Medical Director of all Dermapure and Project Skin clinics across the country.

In addition to continuing to serve his patients at Dermapure Outremont, Dr. Tremblay will actively contribute to the scientific and medical development of the entire network of clinics with a team of nearly 50 experienced physicians.

Looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

Your Dermapure Outremont Team!


Introducing Dermapure

Holistic Approach . Custom Solutions . Natural Results

With a vast network of clinics across Canada, Dermapure is positioned as the Canadian leader in aesthetic medicine.


Our mission

To educate patients on the best practicesin the field of skin health and beauty.

To provide the most innovative rejuvenation treatments without surgery.

To offer visible and natural results.


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Thanks to all of our patients for their collaboration!

The team of MédIME cosmetic dermatology clinic under the direction of Dr. Jean-François Tremblay is proud to support the Lise Watier Foundation whose philanthropic cause is helping the development of the status of women in Canada.

Between May 1st and September 30th 2016, MédIME made the commitment to pay the foundation an amount for each clinical treatment administered.

In addition, patients were invited to participate in this fundraiser by purchasing raffle tickets, running to win a gift certificate worth $ 500 each month.

The result of the amount raised will be disclosed on October 13th, 2016 at the Lise Watier Foundation ball.

Kisses from MédIME – Flash news from the collective work of art

292 times thank you to those who gave their smile to MédIME!

To celebrate 10 years of technological and artistic innovations at the service of beauty, MédIME, Institut de Médecine Esthétique du Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal undertook last December, a collective art project with its patients and Montreal photographer artist Caroline Bergeron.

Throughout the month of December, we collected nearly 300 photos of our patients who were willing to contribute to our collective work of art by donating a photo of their lips.

The artist, Caroline Bergeron, is currently in the middle of her creation process and will soon unveil her masterpiece. We will keep you informed of the arrival of the artwork at MédIME.

Where science meets art at MédIME, your medical-aesthetic clinic!

To celebrate its 10 years of technological and artistic innovations at the service of beauty, MédIME, Institut de Médecine Esthétique du Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal is undertaking a collective art project in collaboration with its patients and Montreal artist photographer Caroline Bergeron.

Montreal artist photographer Caroline BergeronFrom October 1st to December 31st, 2014, Dr. Tremblay invites you to come in and contribute to this artwork by donating a photograph of your lips to create a collective piece of art. Whether your lips are thin , heart-shaped , plucked , full , poppy red , greedy, discrete , flamboyant or natural , we believe that diversity is beauty and look forward to seeing your lips show their smile, their colors and their style on our collective work of art which the concept will remain secret until its unveiling in early 2015 .

To learn more about lip injections, please visit our information on lip treatments.

To participate and join in the collective work of art by giving us a snapshot of your lips, come by the clinic or call us at 514 739-7444 for more information.