Masculine aesthetic medicine – Dr Tremblay answers your questions

Formerly marginal, cosmetic treatments for men are now much more integrated into their lifestyle as well as physical activity and good nutrition. More and more professionally active men are interested by medical aesthetic.  In 2015, male patients represent not less than 40% of the patients at MédIME.


Masculine aesthetic medicine Question #1: Do men visit you for the same reasons as women?

Dr Tremblay: Since the founding of the clinic 11 years ago, I have definitely seen changing trends among our patients. Men are seeking for quick, effective, accurate and simple treatments.  However, having a healthy, rested and relaxed appearance as well as slowing down the effects of aging on the face and body are the most common demands in both men and women.  Studies show that men with healthy looking skin have more confidence and inspire more confidence.  


Masculine aesthetic medicine Question #2: What are men most common aesthetic concerns in men?

Dr Tremblay: There are procedures that are popular among men and procedures that require a specific approach for men. Surprisingly, some cosmetic concerns are more relevant to male patients. Excessive body hair is a common complaint. Many men use laser hair removal to remedy the situation. Laser hair removal is the second most popular aesthetic procedure in men after botulinum toxin injections.


Masculine aesthetic medicine Question #3: What other treatments are more specific to men?

Dr Tremblay: The treatment of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the hands, feet and armpits is also a popular procedure among male patients. The treatment consists of botulinum toxin injections to reduce perspiration with long lasting benefits.

Body shaping and refining using non- invasive technologies like ultrasonic devices founded in the Ultra Shape laser are also very trendy among male patients. Usually men are good candidates because of their tendency to develop abdominal fat deposits. It is important to ensure that the excess intra- abdominal fat is not visceral fat, which does not respond to treatment.  A common barrier to body contouring treatments in men is their lack of familiarity with the treatments. Men tend to be more skeptical thus a clear, detailed and honest explanation quoting modest but real results are key to dealing with male patients.

Although rosacea is a common condition seen on both women and men, treatment of redness, inflammation, rosacea and dilated blood vessels is one of the most common reasons for men to consult.  A higher density of blood vessels of the face may make men more likely to develop rosacea. VBeam vascular laser treatments are very effective to find a more uniform complexion and healthier skin.


Masculine aesthetic medicine Question #4: What interventions require a specific approach for men?

Dr Tremblay: Botox or filler injections to maintain a more youthful appearance are popular amongst men we see at MédIME and require a specific approach due to differences in desired results and their anatomical differences. Successful treatments require specific and detailed knowledge of the male anatomy so as not to feminize the face. Also injection treatments provide quick fixes benefits but also long-term preventive effects and our male patients see these as an investment in their quality of life such as exercise and diet.


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