, Lip injections – Dr Tremblay answers your questions

Luscious full lips and a well defined lip contour are characteristics associated with beauty and youth. However, as time pass by, lips become thinner smaller and flatter leaving a severe and older look on the overall appearance of the face.

Many women think of hyaluronic acid injections to regain younger lips but have questions about the procedure.

We came up with a list of the 5 most frequently asked questions about lip injections and asked Dr. Tremblay, dermatololgue , Medical Director at MédIME , Aesthetic Medicine Institute.

Lip injections – the 5 most frequently asked questions

Question Lip injections #1: Is it possible to avoid the appearance of over injected lips?

Indeed, the most successful lip injections are those that are subtle enough that the people we know are wondering what we changed without being able to guess what it is exactly. These injections must still be sufficiently visible so that you notice the change that makes you feel better about your appearance. We must also take the time to choose who will inject our lips to avoid ending up with three-dimensional lips over-injected lips.  Lip injection is an art, a real one. You should therefore deal with an experienced, competent and qualified injector, one that has a clear understanding of your desires and your needs and who has a global view of your face to fully adapt your lips to your entire face.


Question Lip injections #2: Are hyaluronic acid products safe?

Yes. Hyaluronic acid based products offer the most natural look. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar in our body. It draws water to create this fleshy aspect, this effect of young, well moisturize lips.  Hyaluronic acid is the most widely accepted and used filler on the market because of its purity, its safety and its non-permanent and absorbable qualities.


Question Lip injections #3: Is it possible to maintain a natural appearance ? 

Indeed, the anatomy of your lips is unique. We are all unique in our morphology. The shape, size, proportion of our lips, the way we talk, smile and our expressive labial habits are unique. Lip injection treatments must consider this uniqueness in order to avoid ending up with pre-designed, one-size fits all lips.  A skilled, artistic, analytical injector takes the time to evaluate your face as a whole so that you are satisfied with your lips and above all to avoid the feeling of having imported lips that don’t fit our features.


Question Lip injections #4: Are lip injections risky? 

No. These are the most common filler injections. For added comfort during injection, the addition of lidocaine to the products is proven effective. Of course, it is also possible to apply some numbing cream prior to treatment to minimize discomfort. Attention to details and the delicacy of the injector make a noticeable difference in the experience of lip injections.  However, even if all precautions are taken, it is still possible to observe some swelling and bruises after treatment. This is quite normal and spontaneously disappears within hours or days after injection.


Question Lip injections #5: Is it possible to adjust and correct injection lip?

Yes. During the free of charge follow-up visit, 2-3 weeks after all the injections, it is possible to completely or partially dissolve hyaluronic acid. Dr. Tremblay finds it necessary to offer this service to ensure his patients satisfaction and to make corrections if necessary.


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Lip injections are available at MédIME.

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