JUVEDERM ® VOLIFT® the new injectable by Allergan

JUVEDERM ® VOLIFT ® the new injectable by Allergan, helps reduce facial wrinkles and provides a younger looking appearance.

Wednesday the 24th of September  Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay, Dermatologist and Medical Director of MédIME, launched the newest addition to Allergan’s JUVEDERM line,JUVEDERM ® VOLIFT ®.

Dr. Tremblay held a presentation inviting selected  doctors  from Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa to share his expertise on the technological advances, to share his personal techniques on how use JUVEDERME ® VOLIFT ®  to achieve an overall natural younger appearance.

The advantages of  VOLIFT ® –  The results are long lasting with a natural soft look

Used for remodeling the contours of the face, to add a light firmness to the skin of the neck, fill in cheeks where volume loss has occurred, fill in nasal folds, hollow temples and deep wrinkles, JUVEDERM ® VOLIFT ® proves to be the option for that soft natural long lasting effect. In addition it contains a local anesthetic (lidocaine 0.3%) that offers the patients a more comfortable experience. Its supple texture specifically designed for thinner skin types makes it the perfect filler to obtain the natural look.

Allergan uses its innovative Vycross technology to sucessfully create a special formulation of JUVEDERM ® VOLIFT ® which is  an efficient cross-link of the hyaluronic acid. It contains a lesser concentration of hyaluronic acid, allowing a faster absorption by the skin tissues, as well as causing less inflamation and swelling while maintaining all the excellent benefits of the other products offered by the Allergan line.

JUVEDERM ® VOLIFT ® is now available at MédIME

To find out more about how JUVEDERM ®VOLIFT® can help you achieve a younger, softer, natural looking appearance, come visit us by booking your free of charge consultation.

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