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How to lift eyelids without surgery

A tired, sad and dull gaze significantly ages the overall appearance of a face

Unfortunately, one of the first visible signs of aging is a heavier upper eyelids caused by loss of volume at the eyebrow arch giving the eye a heavy look as the skin covering the bone of the eyebrow falls a bit like a curtain sometimes even to the point where it covers a portion of the upper eyelid .

We might immediately think that the solution to deal with such an indication would be surgery. However, it is not always necessary to resort to surgery.  When the ptosis is light, a simpler, faster and less invasive technique proves to be more interesting to open the eye and give a more rested look.

 A lift eyelids without surgery with Botox injection. A lift eyelids without surgery with Botox injection.

A lift eyelids without surgery – The Botox injection.

Thanks to Botox it is possible to raise droopy eyelid and low eyebrows by slightly relaxing depressants muscles. No surgery, no social withdrawal, no recovery time and no exorbitant fees are bonuses to this simple yet very technical procedure. In addition, Botox injection can be very natural, with the aim of opening the eyes without changing the shape of the eyes and eyebrows.


For a youthful, bright, radiant and rested look!

To be able to inject Botox in a proper way, one must not only have a thorough knowledge of facial muscles and their motor functions but also an artistic side that needs to be highly developed. The choice of the doctor who will be responsible to perform this procedure for you is therefore a very important step for satisfactory results. Dr. Tremblay has over 15 years of experience and has developed a renowned expertise through its clinical practice and research in the fields of rejuvenating injections, skin rejuvenation, laser, surgery of the face and liposuction. Though regularly asked to present lectures in scientific congresses on the national and international scene, his first passion remains aesthetic clinical practice and patients.


You can also regain a youthful, bright, radiant and rested look.

Eyelids lift treatments are available at MédIME,  make an appointment now for an assessment of your condition.



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