Dark circles eyes treatment

Treatment of under eye circles and puffiness performed by Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay, dermatologist dedicated to the practice of cosmetic dermatology, laser and cosmetic surgery at the MédIME clinic in Montreal.

Dark circles eyes treatment
Dark circles eyes before-after
Dark circles eyes before-after profil
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Under eye circles and puffiness, or bags, says Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay, are very common complaints among patients who consult MédIME. There is no single solution, but rather an array of treatments that can help minimize dark circles and the chosen treatment will depend on the exact nature of your problem.

Some dark circles are caused by a hollow around the eye area, bags or sagging eyelids while others are the result of hyperpigmentation (brownish color) or the presence of dilated blood vessels (bluish tone) or thin, transparent skin that makes the area look purple.

In the case of a hollow under eye area, an effective, blade-free option is volumizing injections containing hyaluronic acid such as Juvéderm and Restylane. For more severe cases, a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty may be necessary to effectively erase dark circles.

For more severe cases of eyelid sagging, surgery is the only option as other treatments are ineffective. For light to moderate sagging, fractional laser or radiofrequency (Thermage) treatments can revive the skin and improve the appearance of dark circles.

For skin discoloration, laser treatments can treat dilated blood vessels and unsightly pigmentation. Proper daily skincare is crucial when treating dark circles and certain creams can help improve their appearance.

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