BOTOX Cosmetic® for the treatment of facial lines at our Montreal clinic

BOTOX Cosmetic® for the treatment of facial lines at our Montreal clinic

At MedIME, located in Outremont, Montreal, BOTOX injections are performed by Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay, dermatologist, dedicated to the practice of cosmetic dermatology, laser and cosmetic surgery for more than 10 years.

BOTOX Cosmetic has become the most popular non-surgical medical cosmetic procedures in Montreal and in North America in recent years. In 2009 alone, more than 5 million BOTOX Cosmetic treatments for facial lines were administered in North America.

At MedIME patients’ safety and well-being is our number one priority, this is why we only use products that have been approved by Health Canada and the FDA, such as BOTOX Cosmetic. BOTOX has been proven safe with more than 20 years of use worldwide and more than 4,000 scientific articles. Despite its safety however, BOTOX is still a medication, hence the importance of being treated by a doctor who is specialized in such procedures. Dr. Jean-François Tremblay has been offering this treatment for more than 10 years now, including 4 years at the MédIME Clinic, in Montreal. Dr. Tremblay is one of the most experienced dermatologists when it comes to BOTOX Cosmetic and has treated thousands of patients and trained several doctors over the years in Montreal and around the world.

Why use Botox Cosmetic at our Montreal clinic?

The philosophy of Dr. Tremblay and his team is to provide patients with a smooth, fresh and youthful appearance that looks natural. If the patient doesn’t look like they just received a Botox injection, then the treatment is a success. The treatment’s main purpose is to balance out facial expressions and favor positive facial movements. The aim is to avoid giving the patient a frozen, or fake, appearance. Dr. Tremblay’s analysis of each patient’s unique facial dynamics is key to the treatment’s success. Botox treatments rely not only on medical expertise, but also a certain degree of artistry. The treatments are intended to correct and prevent facial lines and premature ageing.

Which areas of the face are most often treated at our Montreal clinic?

The areas most often treated by Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay are: forehead lines (frontalis, glabella), eyebrow arches, crow’s feet (lines around the eyes), smoker’s lines (around the lips), and horizontal lines on each side of the nose and neck lines.

How is the treatment done?

At MedIME, BOTOX Cosmetic is injected by Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay, a cosmetic dermatologist, into the facial muscles using an extremely thin needle. Discomfort is minimal and most patients compare the sensation with a mosquito bite.

How does Botox work?

BOTOX Cosmetic acts as a muscle relaxant that limits muscle contractions in a very specific zone that are triggered by a nervous signal emitted by the muscle. BOTOX Cosmetic’s main role is therefore to treat the underlying cause of expression lines. Since each patient’s musculature is unique, the treatment is tailored accordingly after a personal consultation. Optimal BOTOX Cosmetic results are generally obtained within seven to fourteen days, but certain individuals may see results as early as 24 hours.

Results generally last from 4 to 6 months. The muscle gradually becomes active again and lines reappear. After a few sessions, lines will take longer to reappear and they will become finer. This is because some people lose the habit of frowning.

Botox treatments are often combined with hyaluronic acid injections, laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments and even face and eyelid surgery in order to achieve optimal results.



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