Tattoo removal – Enlighten Laser Technology

Enlighten™ Nano/Picosecond Laser Technology for Tattoo removal and pigmented skin lesions

Who and what conditions can be treated with the Enlighten™ laser system?

“The Enlighten™ laser system, explains Dr Jean-François Tremblay at MédIME Clinic in Montreal, is currently the most advanced technology for the treatment of single color and multicolored tattoos as well as pigmented skin lesions such as solar lentigos (sun spots) and melasma. This system also has the advantage of being safe and effective for all skin colors including brown and black skin.

Enlighten Laser Technology for Tattoo removal Montreal

Enlighten Laser Technology for Tattoo removal Montreal

Enlighten Laser Technology for Tattoo removal Montreal

What differentiates Enlighten™ from other tattoo removal laser system? How does it work?

The Enlighten™ system combines nano and picosecond pulses that allow to target better pigment ink and melanin embedded deep under the skin. The laser beam breaks up ink and pigment particles into smaller ones allowing the patients inflammatory and lymphatic system to eliminate them naturally.

The different wavelengths (laser light colors) in the system allow to target more effectively multicolored tattoos and treat all skin colors including black skin.

How many treatments sessions are required to remove my tatto?

The number of treatment sessions required depends on different factors including:

  • The colors and ink types that were used in the tattooing process
  • The intensity (density) of the tattoo
  • The size (surface area) of the tattoo
  • The body location (example chest area versus ankle)
  • The patient’s own body’s ability to eliminate the pigment

A standard treatment requires on average 3 and 6 sessions although some situations may require fewer than 3 or more than 6 sessions.  The bottom line is that Enlighten™ is a technological innovation that provides faster and better results. More precise information based on your specific tattoo will be given to you during your clinical evaluation at MédIME free of charge.


Is laser tattoo removal with Enlighten™ painful? Are there any side effects?

The level of discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal is somewhat similar to the tattooing process. Patients report varying levels of stinging, pinching or burning during the treatment which lasts on average 5 to 15 minutes. Following the treatment, the skin may appear lightly crusted, darkened or blistered and requires reparative skin care and strict sun protection.

What is the cost of laser tattoo removal at MédIME?

The estimated cost of your treatment plan will be given to you during your assessment visit free of charge and obligation. The cost is dependent on the size and expected number of treatment sessions required. Treatments are available from $300 per session and treatment packages are also available.


For an evaluation with one of our medical assistants, complete the formor contact us at (514) 739-7444