PERMEA® and CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® treatments offered at the MédIME aesthetic clinic in Montreal can treat several aspects of the skin such as texture and complexion.

What technology does PERMEA® and CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® use?

PERMEA® and CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® use non-ablative fractional laser technology.

These lasers are divided into two types of treatment. Either PERMEA® with a wavelength of 1440 nm and CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® at 1927 nm. Depending on your needs and goals, your skin care professional will choose the appropriate solution to achieve the desired results.

What can PERMEA® and CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® do for the skin?

This technology is used for patients who want a more even complexion, rejuvenated, smooth skin texture and an improved appearance of enlarged pores and acne scars. It can be used on all skin types.

PERMEA®, with its shorter wavelength, provides a powerful exfoliation that results in improved skin tone and texture. It will be smoother and clearer.

CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® works deeper and improves the skin tone and texture.

To achieve this, these two lasers create subcutaneous micro-perforations. These generate a natural regeneration process of the skin: cell renewal will be initiated, and the production of new collagen will then start.

What can I expect from a PERMEA® and CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® treatment?

 Depending on the treatment, we may start by applying a topical numbing cream which will be left on the skin for 15 to 30 minutes in order to provide additional comfort. A treatment session lasts 30 to 45 minutes depending on the extent of the areas treated.

The treatment causes a tingling and warm feeling on the skin, which is well tolerated. After the treatment, the skin is red and there is swelling for 12 hours for the vast majority of patients.

Normal skin care and makeup can be resumed 48 hours after the treatment.

We suggest applying a hydrating and repairing skin care protocol. Sun exposure should be avoided between sessions and for up to 14 days after the last session.


How many sessions are required? How quickly will I see results?

 Depending on the condition of the skin and the treated areas, an average of 3 to 5 sessions may be required in order to achieve the desired results. The sessions are carried out at an interval of 3 to 4 weeks. A personalized consultation will allow us to confirm the optimal solution for your condition according to your goals.

How long will the benefits of CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® Skin Tightening Treatment last? Is maintenance required?

The effects are considered to be long lasting. Annual maintenance may be recommended in order to maintain results.

The CLEAR AND BRILLIANT® treatment is often combined with other laser treatments to achieve optimal overall results.


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