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Microneedling treatment with EndyMed Intensive

Firming and rejuvenation of the skin texture, reduction of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

What is EndyMed Intensive and why are we using it at our Montreal Clinic?

The microneedling technology (microneedling RF), says Dr. Tremblay, is based on the innovative combination of micro needling and radiofrequency to stimulate superficial and in depth dermis repair. This technology gradually and naturally gives the skin a rejuvenated and firmed appearance working deep in the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for complete skin rejuvenation.

 Who can be treated with Endymed Intensive?

The microneedling treatment is a technology that has shown its safety in all skin types including sensitive fair skin as well as dark or black skin. It is safe and effective and is intended for people who need deep skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles and an improvement of the complexion and acne scars. The areas of choice for the treatment of microneedling include face, eye contour, neck, décolleté and body.

How does the microneedling treatment work?

Fractional RF transmitted to the skin by 25 small gold-plated needles induced repair and tightening of collagen fibers, elastic fibers and supporting tissue of the superficial and deep dermis. These changes result in skin rejuvenation, firmness, a decrease in wrinkled appearance, a tighter skin texture and a smoother appearance.

What is a microneedling like at our Montreal clinic? Is it painful? Are there any side effects?

A treatment session lasts 30 to 45 minutes depending on the treatment areas. The treatment can cause a tingling sensation and heat on the skin, which is well tolerated thanks to the anesthetic cream applied prior to the treatment.  Post treatment, the skin can be red and slightly swollen for a few hours only for the large majority of patients. Regular skin cares can be resumed on the following day.

How many treatment sessions are required? How fast will the improvement become visible?

According to the skin condition, 3 to 6 sessions are required. The regular interval between sessions is 14 to 21 days.  In the majority of patients, the results are visible after the first treatment, but full results appear gradually over the 12 weeks following the end of treatment.

How long will the improvement last? Do treatments have to be repeated over time for maintenance?

The reparative benefits of EndyMed Intensive microneedling treatment are considered permanent and long lasting. That said, this treatment does not stop the internal biological clock and the normal aging of the skin. Thus, occasional, annual touch-up sessions can be recommended to prevent the effects of time.

Can EndyMed Intensive treatment be combined with other treatments?

At MédIME, we regularly combine EndyMed Intensive treatment with injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal and other laser modalities in order to provide our patient a natural and optimal global result.


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