EndyMed Microneedling laser – For long lasting skin tightening

Over time, skin becomes thinner. The dermis becomes thin and fragile as collagen production decreases. Everything happens at the dermis level which is located below the epidermis, the surface layer of the skin. The dermis contains the collagen fibers which are responsible for the structure, firmness, tone and skin repair. It also contains elastin fibers, responsible for the elasticity and glycosaminoglycans that give the skin a plumped appearance.  Therefore, it’s at the dermis level that we find all the damage responsible of skin sagging.

Thus, one of the solutions to skin aging would be to feed the collagen and to stimulate its production.

EndyMed Microneedling laser

The EndyMed Microneedling laser using radiofrequency technology allows a mild, non-invasive, gradual method for a natural effect. It restores the quality of the skin and provides the epidermis with a rejuvenation effect by stimulating the production of collagen.

The radiofrequency waves of the EndyMed Microneedling laser generate heat and send it into the dermis to stimulate collagen production. Thanks to the with 25 fine sterile gold plate needles tip, it induces repair deep into the skin. As most of the energy is transmitted to the deeper layers of the skin, minimal discomfort will be felt and no recovery or social withdrawal is necessary.

The EndyMed microneedling laser is perfect to treat sagging skin, stretch marks, adhering acne scars, cutaneous wrinkling on the neck, chest, eye contour area and cheeks. It offers a tighter skin texture, an improved skin density and a tensor effect for any skin type and color.

3 to 6 sessions are required 10 to 14 days apart.

1 maintenance session is recommended once or twice a year.

The EndyMed microneedling radiofrequency treatment does not have an effect on face volumes nor on expression wrinkles but works on the loss of firmness, on the skin texture and on ruffled skin. It is therefore regularly combined with other rejuvenation techniques such as dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane and lasers like the eMatrix in order to get the maximum of results.

More info about EndyMed Microneedling laser

The EndyMed Microneedling laser treatments  are available at MédIME. Consult: EndyMed Microneedling

At MédIME, we advocate a natural approach and are listening to your expectations in order to offer a tailor-made treatment that will ensure your satisfaction.

For more informations on the EndyMed microneedling treatment and on the combined treatment plans offered at MédIME, complete our form for your free of charge evaluation or call now at 514-739-7444.

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