I hate my double chin. Is there a solution?

The lower part of the face can be the source of many complexes. The jaw, chin and neck are areas that are especially vulnerable to the effects of time, weight fluctuations and gravity. The accumulation of fat and sagging skin can cause “bags” or inelegant bulges that weigh down and age the outline of the face. Genetics also plays an important role. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine can now offer several efficient solutions.


Belkyra® Injections

Belkyra® injections are an interesting option to remove fat under the chin without having to use liposuction. The compound used, deoxycholic acid, is already naturally present in the body. When it is injected in a targeted manner, it destroys fat cells and visibly improves the tonicity of the face. Two to three sessions are usually needed. Results can be observed gradually, and they are permanent.

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Liquid lift

As we get older, our face tends to flatten and lose its definition. The liquid lift makes it possible to correct this sagging by restructuring the lost volumes. The intervention consists of injecting hyaluronic acid in a precise dosage and mapping. Each injection area corresponds to an indication: lifting the cheekbones, reducing the hollows, strengthening a receding chin, accentuating the definition of the jawline… The lifting effect is immediate and lasts for about 18 months.

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Radiofrequency (RF)

Radiofrequency has proven its efficiency in treating sagging skin. The energy, distributed on the level of the dermis by means of very fine needles, stimulates the production of fibers and collagen. This process visibly reduces jowls, redefines the oval of the face and smooths out the skin of the neck. Two or three sessions may be recommended.

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These different techniques may be used independently or together in order to provide a more global and lasting improvement. At MédIME, our treatment plans are developed after a careful assessment of the face in motion and at rest. Our protocols are customized according to the needs and motivations of each patient.

For more information on double chin treatments or to make an appointment with one of our medical assistants for a free consultation, contact us at 514-739-7444 or complete our form to make an appointment.

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