How we can help you treat your dark circles, puffiness and give you a rested appearance.

Fatigue accumulated over the holidays, the lack of external light and the February blues have left their mark on the overall appearance of the skin. Signs of fatigue are more visible.

Among the most visible signs, tired eyes, colored dark circles, under eye creases and puffiness are the most frequent reasons for patients to book an appointment for a consultation at MédIME at this time of the year.

The number of patients who come to MédIME to refresh the overall appearance of their eyes is increasing month after month. «The results are so impressing that men and women don’t have to stay with a tired look. They all tell us that they feel young, active and dynamic and yet they are often faced with comments like: «You look tired» says Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay. That’s when they consult.  They seek a solution to their tired look and are open to learn about the various treatment options available to them. Because, they are many options depending on the type of the problem, no one gets exactly the same treatment.

Some people have under eye circles due to a loss of volume under the eyes. Others will have a lack of firmness of the eyelids, hyperpigmentation, red, violet or blue circles. In most cases, the skin around the eyes is so thin, that its transparency reveals everything happening underneath in terms of pigments and circulation.

In the case of eye creases, an effective option is hyaluronic acid based filler injections like Restylane, Redensity II or Global Action. In the case of severe under eye bags, a surgery called blepharoplasty may be required to effectively improve the appearance of the eyes.

If the sagging of the skin is light to moderate, fractional laser treatment or radio frequency treatment can tone the skin, making it more opaque and eliminate wrinkling of the eyelids.

In case of skin discoloration, laser treatments can reduce the dilated vessels and unsightly pigment. Daily skin care should not be neglected in the treatment of dark circles and some creams are beneficial to reduce their appearance.

Check with your medical- aesthetic consultant on the best suited eye treatments for you by contacting us at 514-739-7444 or by filling out the form for a free consultation.

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