Bro-tox – When men are getting Botox

When it comes to Botox injections, men too are making it to this 10 minute medical aesthetic treatment appointment.  According to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon, Botox injections for men or how they call it, Brotox, increased 310% since 2000. At MédIME, men account for 30% of our customers says Dr. Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist and director of the clinic. Men seek to look younger and more rested. With a culture that values ​​youth and dynamism in the workplace, many men work alongside younger and certainly do not want to feel and look old.

At MédIME, we see men who want to look their best at some point in their careers where they are more likely to face competition with younger men. Those whose appearance is an important part of their work, those in competitive environments and those who have direct contact with clients are men who come to MédIME for cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, says Dr. Jean -Francois Tremblay.

Male patients say they want to look alert, refreshed, vibrant and still in the game. The workers are under tremendous pressure to perform, which results in a severe appearance, stress prints on the skin, different expressive habits such as frowning create frown lines between the eyebrows that give a tired look. Male patients therefore want natural and lasting results. In this sense, Botox injections are perfect for them as they last 4 to 5 months.

With Botox injections, the muscles begin to relax gradually after a period of 7 to 10 days following the injections. Wrinkles are reduced, often to their complete disappearance.  

Today, men have a more open attitude towards cosmetic procedures. They are also more aware of the treatments that are available to them.

A decade ago, there were a much smaller number of men who desired aesthetic treatments to improve their appearance, not because they do not wish to receive the procedure but rather because it was, according to them, targeted for women. Fortunately, since then, perceptions have changed and men are much more open to come in and get treatment done.

Botox injections are often the springboard to other procedures such as filler injections and laser treatments. Technically, Botox injections take only a few minutes and no recovery period or social withdrawal is necessary. So men come to their appointments and can go back to work immediately after.

Botox for men is available at MédIME.

To learn how Botox injections can help you look younger, rested and refreshed please book an appointment today for a free personal evaluation.

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