Ultrashape V3

Ultrashape V3 – Eliminate subcutaneous fat without surgery

The new Ultrashape V3 for non-invasive, safe and effective fat removal on abdomen, flanks, thighs and saddlebags at MédIME clinic in Montreal under the medical direction of Dr Jean-Francois Tremblay, dermatologist.

What is the Ultrashape V3 technology non-invasive fat removal?

The Ultrashape V3 technology, explains Dr Jean-Francois Tremblay dermatologist from MédIME clinic in Montreal, uses focalized high intensity ultrasound energy in order to eliminate permanently subcutaneous fat. Results from the Ultrashape V3 treatments appear rapidly and require no recovery or downtime.

Multicenter clinical studies have shown waist circumference reduction ranging between 2.5 and 12 cm depending on size of the treatment area and number of treatment sessions.

 Ultrashape V3 Treatment – Lower AbdomenUltrashape V3 Treatment - Lower Abdomen
(Results after 1 month – 3 treatments UltraShape V3 – Reduction 6.5 cm)

Who’s a candidate for Ultrashape V3?

The Ultrashape V3 technology aims at reducing localized fat deposit located under the skin in various areas of the body including the stomach, flanks and love handles, hips or saddlebags, inner and outer thighs, knees, male chest area and buttocks.

Ideal candidates for Ultrashape V3 are male or female patients who want to improve their silhouette while already having a normal body weight as well as a regular exercise routine and balanced diet. It is important to understand that Ultrashape V3 is not a weight loss program.

At MédIME Clinic in Montreal, we are glad to offer optional dietary counselling and supervised Power plate physical training and body reshaping for patients also desiring to improve their general health and fitness level.

How does Ultrashape V3 work?

High frequency focalized ultrasound causes permanent destruction of adipocytes (fat cells) resulting in safe and controlled reduction of fat under the skin. Free fatty acids released from destroyed adipocytes are eliminated from the treated areas by lymphatic drainage and naturally eliminated by the liver.

UltraShape - Fat Destruction(On the left is untreated porcine tissue as a control. – In the middle is a single treatment of non-thermal focused ultrasound demonstrating immediate selective soft tissue destruction. – The right shows greater fat destruction using a new transducer technology that is in development.)


What is an Ultrashape V3 treatment session like? Is it painful? Are there any side effects?

An Ultrashape treatment session lasts between 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hour depending on the size of the areas being treated. For the great majority of individuals, the treatment causes no pain or at most mild short lasting tingling or stinging. Similarly most patients will observe no side effects on their skin although occasional temporary redness and bruising can occur. All patients can resume their regular physical and daily activities immediately after.

How many treatment sessions are required? How fast will I see results?

A standard Ultrashape V3 treatment protocol comprises 3 sessions spread over a 6 weeks period. However, the final protocol is determined based on patients’ individual assessment and specific needs. Results can be observed as early as 2 weeks after the treatment. Final results are expected 4 weeks after the last treatment session.

Ultrashape V3 Treatment – Lateral ThighsUltrashape V3 Treatment - Lateral Thighs
(Results after treatment UltraShape V3 – Reduction of 5 cm)

How long do benefits last? Is maintenance required?

Fat cell destruction by Ultrashape V3 is considered definitive. Therefore, silhouette improvement is considered permanent in patients maintaining stable body weight. Treatments can be repeated in the future if necessary in case body physiognomy changes (after a pregnancy, menopause, etc.)

Can Ultrashape V3 be combined with other technologies?

At MédIME, explains Dr Jean-Francois Tremblay, dermatologist, each treatment program is adapted to our patients individual needs. Ultrashape V3 is often combined with lipomassage LPG, Venus Freeze body skin tightening, Powerplate supervised training and body sculpting and laser treatments of the skin in order to achieve best results.


Ultrashape V3 – Video


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