Laser Hair Removal with Lightsheer Duet

Hair removal by Laser

Great news for men and women who want to rid themselves of unsightly hair.

Laser Hair Removal with Lightsheer Duet

Everyone seeks perfect, flawless hair removal! To assist in that search, the Montreal MédIME Clinic now offers its patients the Lightsheer Duet – the cutting edge of hair removal technology. “It’s a hair removal treatment that is up to six times faster, more effective, and above all is fully painless,” explains Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay, dermatologist dedicated to the practice of cosmetic dermatology, laser and cosmetic surgery.

Eradication of Hair

To ensure the complete eradication of hair, the Lightsheer Duet is now equipped with a wider work surface beam of 22 x 35 mm (versus its former 9 x 9 mm) – which equates to greater coverage in less time! The apparatus projects a concentrated beam of light, and a gentle suction, combined with a luminous laser diode which permits rapid, effective treatment. The LightSheer Duet can treat legs with comfort and ease in less then 30 minutes, making hair removal cost effective and fast – without any need whatsoever for topical anaesthetic nor gel.

Laser Hair Removal with Lightsheer Duet

A Peerless Technology

The apparatus is equipped with a gentle suction chamber that brings the hair root as close as possible to the skin’s surface. This results in greater precision and effectiveness in hair eradication, while minimizing skin heating.

The LightSheer Duet offers multiple light pulse levels and strengths – rendering it safe for most skin types – including tanned skin. Multiple settings also make it suitable for most types of hair removal, regardless of hair colour, hair diameter, or hair root depth. The result is the permanent eradication of unwanted hair six times faster than the original Lightsheer apparatus.
This technology is recognized for its effectiveness and speed, and is approved by Health Canada and the FDA (United States).


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