Hair Removal for Pigmented Skin

Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal for Pigmented, Brown, or Black Skin

The MédIME Dermatology Clinic is located in Outremont, Montreal. Under under the direction of Dr. Jean-Francois Tremblay, dermatologist dedicated to the practice of cosmetic dermatology, laser and cosmetic surgery, we are proud to offer our patients the most advanced technologies combined with recognized expertise in the treatment of all skin types.
MédIME now offers Nd:YAG laser hair removal, a superior technology offering safety and effectiveness for patients with pigmented, brown, or black skin.


How Does Nd:YAG Laser Permanent Hair Removal Work?

Nd:YAG laser light energy is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair root, the heat caused by this absorption results in a progressive reduction of hair diameter – eventually causing its complete disappearance.


Nd:Yag laser Treatment – Pseudo folliculitis of the beard, blemishes and scarsNd:Yag laser Treatment - Pseudo folliculitis of the beard, blemishes and scars

(Photo : courtesy of Candela Lase)


Why is Nd:YAG Technology Superior for the Treatment of Darker Skin?

Scars and skin colour problemsThe hair removal challenge faced by those with darker skin is to succeed in transmitting the laser energy to the hair root, without it first being absorbed by the skin itself. If the laser used isn’t suitable or adjusted to darker skin types, not only will the treatment be ineffective, but it may also burn the skin. Because safety is our priority at our Montreal dermatology clinic, we never compromise on quality when comes the time to select superior technology.
Nd:YAG long-wave laser treatments enables light energy to bypass darker skin surfaces and effectively target hair roots without harming the skin – making Nd:YAG the technology of choice for darker skin types with IV, V, and VI phototypes.


What Happens During Treatment? How Many Sessions are Required?

Each session lasts between 15- 30 minutes, depending on the size and number of regions to be treated. Generally speaking, an average of 5 to 7 sessions is required to achieve optimal results.

A Solution to Pseudo-folliculitis of the Beard, Neck-region Keloid Acne Scars, and Skin Pigmentation Caused by Repetitive Shaving or Waxing:

Certain patients’ curly hair or tight ringlets, ingrown hairs, scars and brown spots associated with shaving may become an unpleasant, concerning problem – however, Nd:YAG laser hair removal is an effective and definitive solution for these skin problems.
Nd:YAG technology may be combined with other laser technologies, peeling, and specialized skin care for darker skin types which are offered by the MédIME Clinic’s team of professionals.


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