According to the report commissioned by Galderma Canada on the art of attracting kisses, 1000 Canadian respondents confessed having very high expectations when it comes to kissing. Indeed, one in five Canadian has already ended a relationship after a disappointing kiss. The perfect kiss for a Quebecois is soft, long, with eyes closed and mouth […]

During this period of the year, we receive several patients a week for consultation regarding the miserable appearance of their skin due to our wintry climate. Dull skin tone, irregular skin colour and texture as well as wrinkles are recurrent issues that we discuss and treat. In this context, we are glad to introduce this […]

It is nowadays possible to subtly reshape the lips while keeping them natural and subtly erase the signs of aging. Sausage lips are a thing of the past. There are many lip correction techniques which can be used individually or in combination depending on the problems encountered. For more plumped lips: the procedure includes injection […]

Several people with dark pigmentation have suffered bad experiences with laser hair removal that caused skin burns and resulting in post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For this reason, we hear that laser hair removal is not suitable for dark skin (type IV, V, VI). But most often, these burns are due to the use of a wrong […]

Dr. Tremblay and the entire team at MédIME are proud to introduce a new member of their professional team. Eric Bourgeois is a therapeutic grade massage therapist specializing in deep tissue massage. The deep tissue massage is an intense massage prized for its effectiveness in solving chronic musculoskeletal and structural imbalances.  This type of massage […]

According to the Grace in Aging survey ordered by Galderma Canada, which produces the new range of Emervel fillers, among Canadian women aged 35-65 years, half of Quebecers (52%) are worried or somewhat worried about the signs of facial aging. Their main concerns are sagging skin (44%) and deep wrinkle (38%). The women surveyed said […]

The double chin is a problem that bothers many patients. This is actually one of the most prone to complex patients indications in young and old, thin and less thin. A survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery suggests that nearly two thirds of people are concerned about excess fat on the double chin. […]

A tired, sad and dull gaze significantly ages the overall appearance of a face Unfortunately, one of the first visible signs of aging is a heavier upper eyelids caused by loss of volume at the eyebrow arch giving the eye a heavy look as the skin covering the bone of the eyebrow falls a bit […]

Now that summer is over, it is time to address the adverse effects the sun left on our skin. Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) rays that heat and damage your collagen and elastin. UVB (think B for burn) are of shorter length and reach the surface of the skin, resulting in redness and sunburns. Contrary to […]