Choosing the perfect gift for loved ones can be a complex activity. Ultimately, we would like to find a personalized gift that matches the personality, needs and desires of each person. It is in this perspective that we often turns to gift cards leaving the choice to the recipient. The only thing is that gift […]

Because end of year festivities are just around the corner, MédIME wants to help you choosing the gifts that will fulfill all the loved ones on your list. And since the excellence of a gift is not in its value, but in the fact that it is chosen and appropriate to the right person, here […]

Thanks to all of our patients for their collaboration! The team of MédIME cosmetic dermatology clinic under the direction of Dr. Jean-François Tremblay is proud to support the Lise Watier Foundation whose philanthropic cause is helping the development of the status of women in Canada. Between May 1st and September 30th 2016, MédIME made the […]

This fall season, MédIME is proud to offer you different treatment options for brown spots and skin hyperpigmentation on face, décolleté and hands. The best treatment option for you depends on your type brown spots, their location on the body and their severity. MédIME treatment plans for brown spots and skin pigmentation MédIME medical peels […]

Seasonal weather changes in Canada are notoriously challenging for our skin. Surviving the transition between summer and fall requires wardrobe changes and so it goes with the way we “dress up” our skin. Doctor Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist, explains in this newsletter why moisturizers are so important in maintaining your skin’s health and beauty. Why moisturize […]

The new VivierSkin Medical Facial Treatment offered at MédIME is a gentle peel that requires no recovery time unlike traditional peels. It provides almost instant improvement of skin radiance and glow as well as making skin feels smoother and firmer.   It is best indicated to give your skin a boost before a special event or […]

The reputation and expertise of MédIME, a medical esthetic clinic led by Dr JFT detmatologist is well known. For over 12 years, the experienced and passionate team at MédIME has been committed to treat all skin conditions and make sure that patient look and feel better about themselves. All lasers at MédIME are medical grade […]

In this newsletter article, we are addressing acne scars and stretchmarks together as they share several clinical similarities and treatment options. A stretchmark is a type of scar that occurs in the superficial and deep dermis due to excessive and rapid stretching of the skin. They occur most commonly during pregnancy as well as during […]

Dr Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist and MédIME introduced in January 2016 Belkyra as a new treatment to reduce neck fat and rejuvenate the jawline and neck contour. The Belkyra treatment consists in injecting micro droplets of the medication under the skin that results in natural, progressive and permanent reduction of sub-cutaneous. Belkyra is indicated for the […]