Are there different types of spots? What are they? The most common pigment spots are solar lentigos related to photoaging. These spots are mainly found on areas exposed to the sun such as the face, neckline, hands and forearms. They must be distinguished from other pigmentary spots such as moles, but also from pre-cancerous or […]

It is often said that a person’s neck and cleavage betray their age, is this true and why? Dr. Tremblay: I would say that this reality can be true, but it does not have to be. This mismatch between the face and the neck or décolleté occurs when a person performs corrective and preventive anti-aging […]

Electone: a new generation of EMS Electone is a treatment that uses a new generation of EMS (Electromechanical Muscle Stimulation) technology. Plates are placed on specific areas of the body and send deep pulses to the muscles, causing contractions that simulate muscle movements. The device varies the speed and strength of the stimulation every minute […]

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating of certain parts of the body. The most common areas affected are the armpits, hands, feet, face, and head. It is estimated that this problem affects up to 10% of the population. The majority of patients suffering from hyperhidrosis report that it affects their self-esteem and […]

MédIME is committed to helping in dermatology during the COVID-19 crisis   Dear patients,   MédIME remains OPEN during the COVID-19 crisis for medical consultations and dermatological treatments performed by Dr Jean-François Tremblay, dermatologist.   We are looking after established patients as well as accepting NEW patient consultations.   Additional safety measures were put in […]

NEW TECHNOLOGY AT MÉDIME : The CO2 AcuPulse Laser CO2 AcuPulse is the most advanced and efficient technology for treating photo aging, wrinkles, irregular skin texture, scars and stretch marks. More powerful, safer and able to penetrate deeper than any other CO2 laser on the market, the CO2 AcuPulse is a laser that offers superior results. […]

Since its Canadian introduction at MédIME in June 2017, the V2 Injector Beauty Booster has rapidly become one of the most popular treatments at the clinic. Nicknamed the “V2” by us, this treatment aims to plump and rejuvenate the skin by giving it a glowing and hydrated appearance. This technology is for all skin types […]

Microneedling with radio frequency is an innovative procedure combining traditional microneedling with the energy of radio frequency to improve the quality and firmness of the skin.   The RF energy (radio frequency) is transmitted by small gold-plated needles. Other than the known benefits associated with microneedling, radio frequency also provides energy deep in the dermis, […]

Pigmentation spots and skin tone irregularities are common concerns of people who come for a consultation for the improvement of their skin’s appearance. Hyperpigmentation has multiple causes and can be difficult to treat. People often inquire with us after many unsuccessful attempts at eliminating the pigmentation and can be reluctant to seek a professional treatment. […]