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Your Body Beauty Program

Spring is well underway, signaling the return of warmer weather and lighter clothing. If the prospect of putting on shorts, sleeveless tops, and swimsuits is making you unconfortable, know that today there are several effective treatments to tone and sculpt your body in a non-invasive way and with little recovery time. Overview of four innovations […]


Myths & Truths about Lip Injections

Lip injections are among the most common procedures performed in esthetic medicine.  They have experienced a huge jump in popularity over the last ten years and are now one of the most popular non-surgical procedures among 20–40-year-olds.  A source of obsession for some, an object of derision for others, lip injections leave no one indifferent. […]


Pigment spots or “age spots” come without warning, multiply shamelessly and they inevitably make us regret our tanning sessions… They represent one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Where do they come from? The passing of time, sun exposure, hormonal imbalances and some medications can induce a pigmentation disorder […]

5 treatments to give yourself now to shine this holiday season  

LET IT GLOW! The holiday season is approaching and with it comes the prospect of joyful reunions. After months of worries, distancing and masked interactions, we all want to bring our most beautiful self to the party! To help you look your best during the festivities (and knowing that time is limited), we present a […]

Pigmentation spots: how to make them disappear?

Are there different types of spots? What are they? The most common pigment spots are solar lentigos related to photoaging. These spots are mainly found on areas exposed to the sun such as the face, neckline, hands and forearms. They must be distinguished from other pigmentary spots such as moles, but also from pre-cancerous or […]