Question from a patient: I have an important event in a few weeks. Where should we inject first?

Answer from Dr. Tremblay: The choice of an area to treat depends on your anatomy, your age, the aspects of your appearance that you wish to improve and the time we have before your event. Several options are possible, each offering visible results in only one session.

The forehead, the glabella, and the crow’s feet: Almost all my patients complain of looking tired. Yet, neuromodulator injections can do wonders to relax drawn features, open the eyes, attenuate the wrinkles, and obtain a more rested appearance. Patients should allow 10 to 14 days for an optimal result.

The lips: A small quantity of hyaluronic acid, strategically injected, can make a remarkable difference. It is not a matter of volumizing in a disproportionate manner, but to redefine the outline of the mouth, balance the proportions, fill in the small lines and subtly repulp the lips. The labial injections’ results are immediate and last several months.

The outlines: One of my favorite rejuvenation techniques is without a doubt the “liquid lift”. The treatment consists in injecting small doses of hyaluronic acid in the periphery of the face to redistribute the volumes, and retighten the skin, improve the oval and better define the angle of the jaw. All of it for the purpose of creating a more balanced and harmonious appearance. The lifting effect is instantaneously noticeable with an action duration of 18 to 24 months.

No matter the injected area, it is preferable to make an appointment at least two weeks before a special occasion, both to benefit from the full efficiency of the treatment and to allow the eventual small hematomas to disappear. Mostly, it is important to entrust your face to an experienced injector who will know how to choose the right technique, the right product, and the appropriate dosage.


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The holiday season is approaching and with it comes the prospect of joyful reunions. After months of worries, distancing and masked interactions, we all want to bring our most beautiful self to the party!

To help you look your best during the festivities (and knowing that time is limited), we present a selection of expert treatments that offer visible results with minimal downtime.


1/ NEUROMODULATORS – To smooth out

Feel like the pandemic has left its mark on your face? You’re not alone. Many patients report that they have aged more rapidly over the past year and a half. Fortunately, wrinkles and negative expressions can be corrected with neuromodulators injections such as BotoxMD or NuceivaMD. When properly targeted and dosed, these injections can reduce forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet to give the face a refreshed, relaxed and rested appearance.


2/ DERMAL FILLERS – To improve contours

It is inevitable. Over time, the face sags, depressions form and contours lose definition. Injections of dermal fillers such as JuvédermMD, RestylaneMD or TéosyalMD can restore volume, enhance certain features and optimize the overall balance of the face. The valley of tears, cheekbones, temples, nasolabial folds, lips, chin and jawline are all areas that can be treated. Harmony and subtlety are the watchwords for successful results.


3/ PERMÉAMD – To refresh

A clear, luminous complexion is a happy complexion! To regain a glow quickly, we suggest Permea MD, a non-ablative fractional laser that acts on the subcutaneous tissues to deeply and gently regenerate the skin. The benefits are remarkable: improvement of skin elasticity and texture, reduction of imperfections, uniformity of complexion. The treatment requires no anesthetic cream, can be done in any season and is suitable for all skin types.



Does your skin lack vitality? Does it look dehydrated, dull and tired? Make way for V2 Injector Redensity 1 Beauty Booster, a revolutionary injection process that delivers a mixture of hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients deep into the dermis. The formulation activates the natural mechanisms of cellular repair and stimulates collagen production to redensify and plump the skin in an observable way. An interesting solution for the face as well as for the neck and chest.


5/ MICRONEEDLING RF – To tighten

A better “me”? It’s possible thanks to microneedling RF. The treatment consists of penetrating very fine needles into the dermis while simultaneously transmitting a radiofrequency current. This powerful synergy stimulates collagen and elastin to allow the regeneration and re-tensioning of the tissues. The skin texture is tightened, the complexion is unified, and the face appears toned and reshaped. The results are seen after the first appointment, but three sessions are recommended for an optimal effect.

Each patient and each problem has its own solution! At MédIME, we can guide you toward the technology or the combination of treatments best suited to your skin and your needs. Our expertise guarantees safe execution and controlled results. You’ve deserved it… this holiday season, treat yourself and put yourself on the very top of your list


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